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Every year there is a fireworks display in various parts of Tokyo at this time of year. Today it is Tokyo’s best known and most famous Sumida River fireworks display. It is not far from me and 20 minutes by tram, but I would rather stay at home or wear slippers Ipod wandering around. More and more homes, every day to get up to work and sleep after work life, every Friday will buy Saturday Sunday food, and then hiding at home watching movies on the Internet until Monday to work, at best, only in the days After dark go to the supermarket get something to eat back However, one thing is certainly not developed to the point of holding a knife rushed to Akihabara chopped man … Recently a bit confused a bit confused, do some make up the number of plots ¶ Posted 27 July 2008 † wayne § Madness ‡ Comments (8) ° Tagged: otaku When the log into a week

iPhone iPhone has finally been on sale, see $ 199 ad when vowing to get one, but still should be better to sell than the fine old words, simply count the model changes the cost, the first is the use of mobile phones Installment is still 10 months remaining, 2500 yen per month, then the price of the iPhone, installments 24 months, each month 2880 phone bill network charges 5360 = 8240, so: 2500 * 10 + 8240 * 24 = 200260, in accordance with the exchange rate of 100: 6.5, 13000RMB, unless my brain into the water, will spend 1w more yuan get a cell phone. There are rumors that HK’s iPhone can get the direct use of the mainland without the need to unlock, I do not know how the price of HK over there, the right thing is to think about ways to find a way to get from HK.